Non-residential Premises

The Regional centre Olomouc offers not only parlours and halls of the congress centre, but also office and commercial premises for a long-term lease (LTL) in the most lucrative premises in the whole town of Olomouc. The premises meet the requirements for the user comfort of the 21st century. Air-conditioning, active renewal of air, delivery of heat, electricity / hot water supply are taken for granted, however, our company offers more. Structured data distributions, phone lines, internet connections, security service for 24 hours a day, electronic security, fire protection system, reception services, technical support, cleaning services, grade-level parking lot and underground car park 20m apart.

An integral part of the landlord and tenant relation is the professional individual communication with a customer. A personal officer of LTL is at disposal to the tenant for the whole period of the rent. He takes care of the client and provides for him the following services: taking over and elaborating of demands, ensuring and checking of withdrawn services, solving of crisis (emergency) situations, ...

Recording and checking of demands is carried out by means of an internet application form system (helpdesk) 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Helpdesk simplifies the tenant's communication with his personal LTL officer and it offers wide possibilities of a bilateral communication. An effective result is an intermediate solution of given requirements. The tenant can also use standard methods of handing over the requirements: personal negotiations, phone, e-mail etc.

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