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Regionální centrum Olomouc s.r.o. (the Regional Centre Olomouc s.r.o.) includes already the word „region“, namely quite on purpose. A part of the vision of its founder was to develop a base for regional cooperation that was missing in the town and in the region in the end of the nineties. However, the establishment of the RCO was only the first step to meet this vision. At present, the buildings of the RCO provide not only material and technical platforms for a number of companies or institutions, which create their values or offer their services there, but they also represent quality premises for meeting and cooperation between the public, educational or entrepreneurial spheres. The RCO Congress Centre houses thousands of events every year – congresses, workshops, trainings, exhibitions or balls, and that is why it belongs, no doubt, to the most important social centres in the region nowadays.

The second, but not less significant step was establishing of Moravian College Olomouc (MVŠO) in 2005. The RCO was a founder of this college. Moravian College Olomouc was founded with the aim to offer missing economical and managerial college education in the region and to gradually restore a managerial section of the region. More than …….graduates have left the gates of the college and the most of them remain and work in the region.

Now we are in the third phase, when the Regional Centre Olomouc s.r.o. as the main investor opened building up of a campus and an innovation centre of Olomouc. The partners of the project are the companies TESCO SW and Moravian College Olomouc.

„Our endeavour aims at building of a „factory“, which will generate work for people in our region. The key activities will be a transfer of know-how between the educational base and entrepreneurial sphere as well as the education of so-called „bridge-builders“ – i.e. experts who will be able to transfer the research knowledge into the practice,“ says RNDr. Josef Tesařík, the managing director of the company Regionální centrum Olomouc, s.r.o.

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